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  • How to find the right MSP partner for DFARS CMMC compliance?

    How to find the right MSP partner for DFARS CMMC compliance?

     If you are a government agency or one of 350,000 contractors in the U.S DoD supply chain, you might be aware of DFARS and CMMC for DoD contractors. The Department of Defense first released the first version of CMMC or Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification in January 2020. The release came out after a large-scale exfiltration of defense information was made. The cybercriminals targeted the data kept on the contractor information systems. Although DoD released CMMC compliance recently, all the DIB supply chain contractors are required to take necessary measures to protect controlled unclassified information since 2017. 

    The five maturity levels of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification include the security requirements mentioned in NIST SP 800 171. It should be mentioned that DFARS compliance requires compliance to all the 110 security measures included in NIST 800 171. Another crucial thing is that contractors will have to go through a third-party audit to acquire compliance certification. The DoD is going to roll out the compliance requirement gradually. This means that companies will have to be CMMC compliant to be able to grab government contracts.

    This leaves government contractors and businesses with the task of finding managed services providers that can help them with CMMC cybersecurity compliance.

    In this blog, we have listed down a few points to keep in mind when looking for an MSP.

    1. What measures have the MSP taken to become CMMC compliant?

    When looking for the right managed services provider, make sure you ask your prospect MSP whether they can achieve CMMC compliance for their DIB clients?

    CMMC compliance requires following the path of the Controlled Unclassified Information. If a company is awarded a government contract and uses an MSP to process and host data, the MSP will also have to fulfill CMMC compliance requirements.

    Another critical thing to think about is if the MSP will accept a DFARS flow-down or not. If the MSP is ready to accept the contractual obligation to protect and secure CUI same as you, it indicates that the MSP is willing to support customer requirements.

    1. Is the MSP experienced and capable of fulfilling compliance requirements?

    When accessing the ability of your prospective MSP in fulfilling compliance requirements, ask how many clients have to undergo similar requirements. It’s best to determine whether the MSP has any experience in consulting and expertise in compliance.

    1. How will the MSP support your company during the audit process?

    Is the MSP confident that their cybersecurity processes and practices effectively safeguard the CUI of their clients? Whoever you decide to partner with should be by your side when you are being audited for the certification.

    1. Are the systems used to access the client’s environment compliant with CMMC and DFARS?

    When it comes to selecting a reliable managed services provider, you should ask plenty of technical questions. Ask about their cybersecurity practices and systems. Determine whether they conform to the compliance requirements included in the CMMC DFARS regulations. If the MSP used cloud-hosted data centers, do they meet the FedRAMP moderate baseline? Besides this, there are several other technical questions you should ask your MSP before making an informed decision.…

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  • How to arm yourself against CMMC-related fraud?

    How to arm yourself against CMMC-related fraud?

    Ever since the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) has rolled out, DoD contractors are seeking help from CMMC Consulting Virginia Beach firms to understand the requirements for CMMC security compliance. The Department of Defense has made it clear that without CMMC compliance, no business can bid on government contracts. This step has been taken to minimize the cybersecurity threats faced by DoD vendors. Government contractors and subcontractors that store or process CUI are constantly under the radar of cybercriminals. Most contractors are small businesses without adequate resources to protect their data. Such contractors are at higher risk of becoming a target for cybercriminals. 

    Businesses that rely on government contracts for revenue are under pressure to prove that they have taken all the necessary precautions to safeguard their store’s sensitive information. The U.S government has made it mandatory for DoD contractors to mature their data security standards and practices. The recent interim DFARS rule has further put the DIB vendor in a state of panic. Sadly, the urgency to become CMMC compliant has made contractors vulnerable to fraudulent organizations. There are multiple reports that some organizations are making false claims regarding CMMC compliance requirements and misleading defense contractors. 

    If you are seeking help with your CMMC initiative, you should only rely on CMMC  RPO or organizations that the CMMC recognizes. 

    Here are some of the things you should know about CMMC that will help you stay away from misleading practices. 

    Understand that no organization can get CMMC certification yet. 

    Before hiring any service provider for a compliance initiative, any organization required to fulfill CMMC compliance needs should know that only CMMC Accreditation Body or CMMC-AB can certify the defense contractors. If an organization tells you that they can assist you with your compliance needs, be wary of them and report them to the CMMC-AB. 

    The CMMC certification process states that the defense contractor will have to go through a thorough assessment by a C3PAO- the Certified Third-party Assessment organization is accredited by the CMMC Accreditation Body. C3PAOs have certified assessors who are trained for CMMC standards and adhere to the industry code of conduct. Once the C3PAO has assessed the defense contractor’s IT environment, they pass the report to the CMMC-AB for review. Once the accreditation body has reviewed the assessment, they issue the certification. 

    However, it’s important to note that currently, there are no CMMC certified assessors. Although CMMC-AB has certified over 100 provisional assessors, they can’t conduct CMMC assessments until they have received the CMMC Level 3 certification. 

    You can get help with your CMMC compliance needs.

    Although defense contractors can’t get CMMC certified as of now, they can get assistance to prepare for the certification. CMMC accreditation body recommends contractors to get started with their preparation. The sooner they start, the better it would be for their business. The accreditation body designates registered provider organizations that can work as CMMC consultant and help defense contractors with their compliance needs. It’s advisable by the CMMC-AB that defense contractors should seek help from such registered provider organizations. …

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  • Steps To Follow In Social Media Marketing

    Steps To Follow In Social Media Marketing

     Social media was considered a platform for teenagers until a few years ago, when they used it to share their details and topics of interest. The rise of social media has resulted in the growth of many businesses and developed a better interaction with these businesses’ customers. With an excellent performing business website, many companies deal with customers regularly as digital marketing has made interacting with clients easy and convenient.

    In the current times, one cannot ignore the use of social media marketing. Absence on social media is a huge risk that can result in losing all the customers and potential customers who are actively present on various social media platforms. Over these many years, social media has kept improving its features to give the best benefits to its users. Multiple businesses use significant funds to advertise and get established on social media to create brand awareness and generate more leads. Numerous brilliant digital marketing companies in Virginia advertise on social media.  Some of the social media platforms which digital marketers use to promote are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Here are some steps/tips to follow when marketing on social media.

    • Keep your goals defined. The first step to every step we take in a business is determining the goal and staying focused on it. Without specific and defined goals, a campaign on social media is considered incomplete.
    • The goal can be different for different campaigns like increasing conversions, create brand awareness, website traffic, reducing the communication gap between business and its customers, improving the ROI of business, etc.
    • The next thing is to plan your campaign in such a way that it focuses on achieving your business goals. A digital marketer should always start with a plan in mind. Even on digital platforms, the competition is rising every moment with the increasing users of the internet. Define all your goals, tasks, targets, and resources, and start framing your social media marketing strategy. Get in touch with a digital marketing agency for your IT solution provider company.
    • Multiple social media platforms are being used globally. Each platform has its category of maximum users. You have to identify your target audience and the platform where the audience is available. Choose the best and most efficient among all the platforms and build a marketing campaign accordingly.
    • Social media is all about the content you post on it. Unlike search engines, the only ruler of social media is its audience, and if you need to make your campaigns a success, you have to post engaging and creative content. Create unique and exciting content which the audience is more likely to share. 
    • Stay away from fake and irrelevant content on social media. Do not post any phony content. Responses on social media are rapid, and for the success of your campaign, you don’t want to be disliked for the content you post. Ensure that the content you are posting is good to go on a global platform.
    • Keep monitoring the performance of your social media campaigns. Almost all social media platforms provide you with the details of your advertisements, so you know how your campaigns are performing.

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